When it comes to building efficiency and sustainability, simplicity is key. Focusing on above-code insulation with minimal thermal bridging, and exceptional air-tightness, will minimize the energy needed to heat and cool this home. But energy is not the only factor. Comfort and durability also multiply when building with these concepts in mind.






Inspiration for this project came from the “monopoly house” shape of traditional chalets but with simple detailing and modern materials. Rectilinear shapes create well-organized spaces in an efficient building volume. A 3-sided verandah creates a covered entry and connects outdoor living space in the rear yard to the street, as well as sheltering the connection to the detached garage. Wood siding, harvested and manufactured locally, will clad the home in a warm and durable facade.





Efficiency starts with the building shape. No basement and minimizing corners limit opportunities for heat and air loss while double stud walls and roof trusses maximize opportunity for high levels of insulation. Additionally, rigorous air, water, and vapour control layers ensure high performance throughout the year and the lifetime of the building.


Toronto, ON


Private Family




10,000 sq.ft.

Project Type

contemporary, creative infill, multi-unit housing,

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