This property was a small, single-family home. Now it has been severed into two separate lots, each with a fourplex and laneway suite. 1 unit before. 10 units today.
The Tarragon Village Infill Development is one of Toronto’s early examples of a new “missing middle” typology seeking to infill established neighbourhoods with neighbourhood-oriented rental housing. The FOUR+1 (a fourplex with a laneway or garden suite) has new permissions that allow for shorter approval timelines and lower development costs.
By the looks of it, the missing middle has been found!
Qualifying for the CMHC’s MLI Select program, a 40% reduction in energy and greenhouse gas emissions ensure this project is ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental responsibility. Sustainability has many facets, however. Consideration for accessibility, aging in place, and affordability are key metrics of the MLI select program that promote economic and social sustainability as well.
For the second time, CR Architecture and Greenstreet Flats have collaborated with Toronto-Filipino street artist Chris Perez. Volumetrically simple buildings are efficient to construct and conform to zoning bylaws. They also provide a canvas for dimension and expression. Perez’s floral treatment breathes tropical, exotic life into the otherwise humble laneway environment.


Toronto, ON


Private Family




10,000 sq.ft.

Project Type

contemporary, creative infill, laneway houses, multi-unit housing,

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