Part development venture, part new home for my family, I purchased this house in 2013 because it was in desperate need of an architect’s touch and it had an unusual lot shape that I would eventually sever into a separate property.

The house was fully gutted, allowing for improvements to the building envelope, structure, and interior layouts. The ground floor was also re-framed to improve ceiling height in the basement, allowing for a basement apartment with a dedicated walk-out entrance.

Originally, the house had four very small bedrooms. Two were combined to create a large principal suite with ample closet space. One was converted to an open office. One became a guest bedroom with laundry.

The ground floor was opened and simplified, mostly by reorganizing the kitchen to a galley layout with a moveable butcher-block island. A rectangular ceiling coffer in the living space accommodates ducts and services while also giving prominence to the dining and family room.


Toronto, ON


Race Family




2,100 sq.ft.

Project Type

creative infill,

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