Toronto Multiplex Conversion Swaps One Housing Unit For Ten


Zakiya Kassam

Aug 24, 2023

Check out our latest feature by Storeys where our founder Craig talks about the process of transforming 1 unit into 10, and how new bylaws are making the process for similar project way faster!


Toronto architect Craig Race wants to see more multiplexes across the city. And he’s leading by example.

This summer, his firm put the finishing touches on 367 Howland Avenue: a single-family home in Davenport converted into two bright and stylish fourplexes, each with its own laneway suite. The client: GreenStreet Flats, a developer with a focus on small- to mid-scale missing middle projects around Toronto. They brought the project to Craig Race Architecture in 2019.

“What really made the project unique was that it was a severance opportunity, as well as a multiplex opportunity,” says Race. “The home was on a lot that was twice as wide as every other house on the street, so we had to get approval to sever it into two properties first. So we went from one house on one property to 10 houses on two properties.”



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