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Matt Durnan

Friday, May 26, 2023

We are very excited to share the interview with our founder Craig in the volume27th of NRU | Toronto, where he was talking with Matt Durnan on how new policy changes on multiplex have an impact on the design and development of these kinds of projects, mentioning changes and challenges of designing this housing typology.


Creating an as-of-right path forward for homeowners to convert their homes into multiplexes does create a framework where there is less red tape associated with undertaking these types of conversions, however one architect notes that there are still some potential stumbling blocks along the way.

  “You still need an above-average architect to be able to execute a reasonable as-of-right project, so the requirements for consultants, which can be costly is still present,” Craig Race Architecture principal, Craig Race told NRU.

  “This also doesn’t affect single-family homes for anything above four units,” Race added. “Those still have to go through the highly acrimonious and uncertain committee of adjustment process, so the downside is that it’s affected a very small and isolated typology”

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